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Third sea map

Old Map of Third Sea

As a part of Update 15, a huge new map was introduced, the Third Sea. The Third Sea is the latest sea in which players can access by reaching Lv. 1500+ and helping King Red Head fight rip_indra in the Second Sea.

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An interactive map of the Third Sea is available here.

Accessing the Third Sea

A guide to lớn unlocking the Third Sea can be found here.


The Third Sea is significantly harder kêu ca Second Sea. Elemental fruits would be somewhat useless due to lớn high requirements of immunity and the amount of NPCS using Aura. The Buddha fruit is recommended grinding in this sea, making it far easier kêu ca with Elemental fruits. Expect bounty hunters killing you often and expect them to lớn appear more often kêu ca in the Second Sea. Hackers and Scripters are often exploiting or stealing kills in this sea, so sánh you must be fully prepared while grinding otherwise you will be at disadvantage.


The Third Sea is the newest sea in the game, and receives the majority of island updates, so sánh the islands here have far more detail and precision kêu ca those in previous seas. Something else to lớn note is that the islands in this sea are very far away from each other, presumably to lớn match the far greater movement capabilities possessed by those in this sea, so sánh much so sánh that it has it's own limited teleportation system, that being the Portals, which can only be used after killing rip_indra(True Form) and having the Shadow Sovereign title.

Island List

Port Town, a small, but rich town where rich people gather around to lớn gamble and hang-out with each other. However, behind the town and in the forest, you'll find the ruthless and cold-blooded Stone, who wishes for nothing more kêu ca your death.


• Pirate Millionaire

• Pistol Billionaire

• Stone (Uses Aura, Bomb Fruit, Boss)

Hydra Island, the legendary island only inhabited by women. These women are snake worshipers. Some warriors can even use their snakes to lớn size bows, allowing them to lớn fire poisonous arrows. As part of the Hydra Tribe's beliefs, men are forbidden on the island. It is also the place to lớn guard an ancient sword that its owner, a powerful samurai who has been possessed by a demon, has left behind.


• Dragon Crew Warrior

• Dragon Crew Archer

• Female Islander

• Giant Islander (Uses Aura)

• Island Empress (Uses Aura and Love Fruit, Boss)

• Training Dummy (Uses Dark Blade)

• Beautiful Pirate (Boss, has 2nd Form)

Great Tree is a mysterious island notable for its large tree, hence the name. The island consists of Marine Commodores and Rear Admirals, all led by the infamous Kilo Admiral. The reason they are guarding the island is yet to lớn be solved, but one thing is for sure. They are hiding something from us.


• Marine Commodore (Uses Aura)

• Marine Rear Admiral (Uses Spin Fruit)

• Kilo Admiral (Uses Kilo Fruit, Boss)

Floating Turtle, an island located on the shell of a giant turtle, hence the name, inhabited by Minks of all sorts, it has everything from a giant tree house to lớn pineapple houses to lớn a mansion known for being a Safe Zone for many pirates and marines and a fortress for the-ever-so-lovely, Beautiful Pirate. However, the island has been attacked by the infamous Captain Elephant, and a Crypt Master that opens a room with 2 scrolls of the 2 cursed katanas. And a mystery surrounds the island: an ancient swordsman has been waiting to lớn be awakened.


• Fishman Raider

• Fishman Captain

• Forest Pirate (Uses Aura)

• Mythological Pirate (Uses Aura)

• Captain Elephant (Uses Aura, Boss)

• Jungle Pirates

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• Musketeer Pirate (Has Flash Step)

Castle on the Sea, a Safe Zone and hangout place for many pirates and marines similar to lớn the mansion. It houses the Elite Hunter, who tracks down Elite Pirates abusing their awakened Blox Fruits, wreaking havoc on islands, the Player Hunter, who tracks down players and requests the player to lớn take them down; a Butler who literally knows everything about the Third Sea; Lunoven, who hates Elite Pirates for an unknown reason; and every Fighting Style teacher from past-seas. It's also a place where many pirates from all across the sea to lớn raid the castle. Three plates are scattered across the island and when activated allow you to lớn place the ancient chalice held by God himself. By placing it on a platform in another section of the castle, you've made a terrible mistake.... of summoning.... him.


• Rip indra (Raid boss khủng, has 2nd Form)

Haunted Castle, a large boat often mistaken as a castle due to lớn its enormous size, is inhabited by deadly supernatural blood-thirsty zombies and Berserk skeletons feasting for a sacrifice in your soul. All are led by the mysterious Soul Reaper, who awakens with the trigger of the Hallow Essence.


• Reborn Skeleton

• Living Zombie (Uses Aura)

• Demonic Soul

• Possessed Mummy

Sea of Treats, a mini-sea that consists of 5 separated islands. The islands are all food-based and contain Peanuts, Cookies, Ice cream, and so sánh much more! But unfortunately, they are conquered by the ever-hungry, Cake Queen. Here you can meet Drip Mama, who would ask you to lớn defeat 500 NPCS near him for a portal to lớn spawn that would lead to lớn a dimension where Cake Prince resides. Or alternatively give him a Sweet Chalice crafted by Sweet Crafter, combining the ancient God's Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoa to lớn spawn in the hardest foe you will face... The Dough King


• Peanut Scout

• Peanut President (Uses Aura)

• Ice Cream Chef

• Ice Cream Commander (Uses Aura)

• Cake Queen (Boss)

• Cookie Crafter (Uses Aura)

• Cake Guard (Uses Aura)

• Baking Staff (Uses Aura)

• Head Baker (Uses Aura)

• Cocoa Warrior (Uses Aura)

• Chocolate Bar Battler (Uses Aura)

• Sweet Thief (Uses Aura)

• Candy Rebel (Uses Aura)

• Candy Pirate (Uses Aura)

• Snow Demon (Uses Aura)

Tiki Outpost, Tiki Outpost is an outpost for mammoth worshipers and fish hunters. This island once worshiped mammoths and thanks to lớn that, they helped people live peacefully. Unfortunately, many years later, they suddenly disappeared without a trace and from then on, bad omens began to lớn happen to lớn the people here. They become hot-tempered and gradually cruel. This is also the most famous place for catching rare fish species. If you go to lớn the top of the ancient temple, you will meet a wanderer where they tell about a mysterious monster.


  • Island Outlaw (uses aura)
  • Sun-kissed Warrior (uses aura)
  • Isle Champion (uses aura)

Sea Danger Levels

As of Update đôi mươi, various parts of the Third Sea have Danger Levels. ranging from 0-6.

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Levels 0-1 don't really have anything special to lớn them, only spawning the occasional Shark NPC, and even then they barely spawn. After Level 2, things actually start to lớn get interesting.

Levels 2-5 cause Sea Events to lớn spawn more often, and enabling the Terrorshark raid quấn to lớn spawn, also allowing the player to lớn obtain the Shark Anchor if they summon a Terrorshark with a Monster Magnet.

Level 6 is by far the most dangerous level of the sea. More commonly known as Stage 6, and rarely as the "Voidsea", all previous sea events have a way higher chance of spawning, meaning with enough people you can spawn up to lớn 3 Terrorsharks at once, as well as have Ship Raids attacking your ship. But the most notable part of this level is the Frozen Dimension sự kiện, where if the player has at least 5 allies on the same boat as them, can enter and fight the Leviathan] raid quấn, granting the player access to lớn obtain the Sanguine Art fighting style if they drag the boss' heart back to lớn Tiki Outpost.


  • This sea holds the title of having the least number of islands (8); however, more are to lớn come. It also could be counted as 12 islands as the mini islands in the Sea of Treats.
  • Some Easter Eggs can be found in this sea.
  • After Icecream land, all of the enemies use aura nullifying elemental immunity even if you surpass the required level.